Derry Medical Center Partners with VillageMD-New Hampshire


VillageMD-New Hampshire enables primary care providers across the state to improve the quality and total cost of health care.

Village-MD, a leading primary care-focused management services organization, has partnered with the two largest independent physician groups in New Hampshire, Derry Medical Center and Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine Associates (SNHIMA) to form VillageMD-New Hampshire, an organization that will create greater clinical value for residents across the state.  This new joint venture will provide services to New Hampshire primary care physicians to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, while lowering the total cost of care.

“VillageMD-New Hampshire helps physicians deliver and enhanced type of primary care that offers high clinical quality, expanded services for those living with chronic conditions, and personalized patient education to promote a preventive approach to care that improves overall health and total cost.” said Tom Buchanan, president of VillageMD-New Hampshire and CEO of Derry Medical Center.